Coaching & Consulting Services

Sessions will be tailored to your current personal situation and desired goals, using any and all of the below tools.  Recommendation is to begin with a 3-6 month commitment to achieve best results.  Sample sessions are available upon request.

Your Money Life Coach

Is Career Coaching Right for You?

Your Money Life Coach

Are you….

  • New to the job market?
  • Currently employed but feeling stuck?
  • Trying to make a job change or start a new career?
  • Out of work and struggling to find a job?
  • Going through a restructuring or transition?

Career Coaching Can Help.

Career coaching will help you to develop your vision, bring your ultimate goals into focus, and create a sustainable action plan that works best for you.

Together, we will address your biggest weaknesses, while also utilizing your greatest strengths.  You will gain the tools necessary to nail every interview with prospective employers and also learn how to best influence your current management to benefit your career path.  Perhaps most importantly, you will increase your self-confidence, while attaining the strategic skills necessary to properly negotiate a salary raise or new job offer, and know that you are worth it!

Your Money Life Coach
The average person will spend 1/3 of their life at work. Don't you deserve to love it?

Your Career is Important

Are you ready to conquer your fears and internal challenges to move towards achieving the career of your dreams?

If you are actively job searching, we will brainstorm together, increase your networking skills, and even work on fine tuning your resume when appropriate.  If you are struggling within your current role, organizational restructuring, or in need of promotion, we will conquer those battles together as well.  If you are at the top of the ladder, or ready to make a career change, you will have the support you need. 

As your coach, and with over 20 years of corporate management experience, I will be available as your confidant and mentor for any issues, as they arise.  You will finally have the dedicated support you need to succeed, and you will also have someone to hold you accountable to take action!

Let's work on it together. Contact me today to find out more.
Your Money Life Coach

Are You Ready to Unblock Your Life?

Your Money Life Coach

How are you, really?

  • Do you feel stuck or anxious about the future?
  • Are you in a period of loss or transition?
  • Has your life not turned out as you expected?

Whether the rug was just pulled from beneath you, or life has always felt like a struggle, it doesn’t need to stay that way.   Once you begin the coaching process, you will begin your journey down the road to transformation.

Life Coaching is all about YOU.

What Do You Want?

Life coaching is the one, all-inclusive way to clarify your values, find your purpose, and pursue a more fulfilling life.  We will work together to target what matters to you, and you will have the support you need as you take each next right step towards achieving your goals.

Throughout the process, you will gain more self-awareness and learn how to overcome your doubts and fears.  You will have someone on your side, to encourage you to focus and follow your own inner voice.  And, you will receive realistic feedback and create a plan for accountability.

Your Money Life Coach

Where Do You Even Begin?

Don’t worry if you don't even know where to start.  It’s all part of the process.  The topics will fluctuate as your needs change and your life unfolds, but the one thing that will remain constant is that we will take the journey together.

You deserve to feel good and to live a truly fulfilling life.  Contact me to discuss!
Your Money Life Coach

Are You Ready to Take a Good Look at Yourself?

Your Money Life Coach

How Do You Show Up?

  • Are you aware of your impact?
  • Do you leverage your most positive skills and attributes?
  • Are you aware of and actively conquering your weaknesses and blind spots?
  • Do you have a safe and unbiased place to receive constructive feedback?

Leadership coaching can help you to become a more conscious and effective leader.  But, keep in mind, this is not only about your job.  Actively developing the skills in your leadership toolbox is beneficial to both your personal and professional life.

The Conscious Leadership Toolbox:
  • Grow your emotional intelligence
  • Cultivate your authentic self
  • Increase your effective communication skills
  • Become more aware of your impact
  • Learn new methods of conflict resolution
  • Manage through change and transition
  • Foster collaboration and creativity
  • Navigate complex team dynamics
  • Develop a more engaging and empowering presence
  • And more…
Your Money Life Coach
Your Money Life Coach

The tools within the Leadership Development toolbox will be utilized as a natural part of both Career and Life Coaching processes.

One of the greatest advantages to having a personal coach by your side is that you will always have a safe and unbiased sounding board, to help you to navigate your current issues in real time.

Are you ready to unlock and achieve your greatest potential?   Set up a free initial consultation to find out more.