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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient interconnected system of 9 core personality types, with 27 instinctual subtypes... but, it is so much more than your average personality test. The Enneagram is meant to be used as a tool for deep personal growth and transformation.

Finding your Enneagram type is only the beginning of the journey.  Once you validate your subtype, the Enneagram symbol works like a road map, with GPS navigation to help you to break free from the box you've been living in. You will learn how to identify and unwind your unconscious patterns of behavior in order to return to your true authentic self.

How Coaching Can Help

Learning the Enneagram on your own is a great start. However, since the root of our personality pattern and corresponding defense mechanisms are usually hidden in our blind spot, it's often best to use a mirror to help guide us. 

Our personality pattern was created long ago, in childhood, as a basic means of survival. Even once we no longer need this form of protection, the ego can be quite sensitive, and it will fight hard to stay in our unconscious. Therefore, if you wish to use the Enneagram as a tool to achieve greater self-awareness and transformation, then it's most helpful to align with a certified Enneagram coach to help you along your journey. 

Whether you wish to become a more effective leader, create healthier relationships, or to simply become a more fully-conscious human being, engaging in deep personal growth work using the model of the Enneagram can truly be life-changing.  


Enneagram Typing Interviews

60-90 Minute Typing Interviews.  Discovery Packages available.

Enneagram for Personal Growth

Experience Radical Self-Awareness and Transformation. 6-12 Month Packages available.

Enneagram for Leadership & Teams

Become Better Leaders & Improve Team Dynamics for Greater Success.

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